Extended School Year in Full Swing

Posted on Jul 24, 2015

KINGSTON- The Graham Academy has started its third of a five week Extended School Year program of the summer. The ESY program is designed to develop individual student successes during the summer months. The program combines educational activities that transfer to hands-on learning with additional recreational games and other fun activities.

Adding education to the daily routine provides students opportunity to continue working on IEP goals from the previous school year with their teacher. The program allows students to foster their growth and achievements on an abbreviated structured schedule modeled after the regular school year.

Having to wake up early isn’t exactly a top priority on high school student Jake Wood’s summer to do list, but once he’s here, he’s enjoyed the half-day program. “We are learning about different poets this summer. Last week was Robert Frost and this week we’re learning about Edgar Allen Poe. We get to write our own poems too.” He isn’t too concerned about going to school this summer, “We are going on vacation right when school starts, so a couple weeks here are okay.”

Students also continue working in the garden, taking care of many vegetables that they planted earlier in the spring. With the amount of rain and warm temperatures this summer, maintaining the garden has been hard work for the students. The students are weeding and collecting seeds to use for next year’s planting season. Tomatoes have started growing and a few jalapeno peppers are ready for the daring few who are willing to try them. Last week, onions were pulled and after waiting for them to dry out, classes have started cutting and using them in recipes prepared in the Graham Cafe, part of the Family Consumer Science curriculum.

The program is Monday through Thursday and combines educational activities with hands-on learning to help students continue their progress and growth socially, behaviorally, and academically throughout the summer and into the upcoming school year. ESY eligibility is determined by each student’s IEP and students are not required to attend all five weeks.

Established in 2008, The Graham Academy is a special education school in Kingston that serves students living with autism or emotional challenges. Students are enrolled in Kindergarten through 12th grade from multiple school districts in Luzerne, Lackawanna, Carbon, and Schuylkill counties. For more information about The Graham Academy, please contact Nick Ouellette at 570-283-0641 or nouellette@thegrahamacademy.com. You can also visit thegrahamacademy.com.

 Extended School Year in Full Swing

Pictured: Graham Academy students Michael Sims (near) and Jake WIlliams (far) work with Environmental Coordinator, Mr. Richie, learning about the apple tree root system before planting last week during the school’s Extended School Year program.