A Flower for Mother’s Day

Posted on Jul 24, 2015

KINGSTON-Graham Academy students presented marigolds to the mothers in their lives for Mother’s Day. The Graham Academy is a school for students K-12 living with autism and for children with emotional challenges. The marigolds were grown in the classroom, close to the students who monitored and cared for the precious seeds daily. Many of them blooming just in time for Sunday’s special holiday.

Eight weeks ago, students began planting their seeds using recycled CapriSun drink pouches saved from class lunch periods. The Graham Academy is dedicated to educating its students on sustainability and eco-friendly gardening and that commitment provides opportunities for student creativity. Students recommended cutting the tops off of CapriSun pouches to use as seed starters. Gardening is an extension of the the science curriculum and is a hands-on supplement to class instruction. The marigold Mother’s Day project and similar projects is a continuation of the Graham Garden, a resource The Graham Academy uses to take their students’ academics beyond the classroom and into an educational and multi-sensory outdoor learning environment. Opportunities such as the Graham Garden allow students to learn and understand their connection and value within the natural world, and the processes that take place for organisms to thrive and grow.

Established in 2008, The Graham Academy is a special education school in Kingston that serves students living with autism or emotional challenges. Graham Academy students are enrolled in grades K – 12 from multiple school districts in Luzerne, Lackawanna, Carbon, and Schuylkill counties. For more information about The Graham Academy, please contact Nick Ouellette at 570-283-0641 or nouellette@thegrahamacademy.com. You can also visit thegrahamacademy.com.

 A Flower for Mother’s Day

Graham Academy student Michael Hogan gives his mother, Francine a marigold for Mother’s Day. Each student planted and cared for a flower over the past eight weeks as a special gift honoring their mother.