Mission Statement

Educating students living with autism and students living with emotional challenges to excel in life through communication, exploration, opportunity, acceptance, accountability, and ambition.


Communication: When students have a difficult time understanding a behavioral or academic task it is our responsibility to identify where the deficit lies to create a teaching environment that allows learning in a way the student can change and develop.

Exploration: We are consistent and patient, allowing the change to occur in a positive and supportive environment.

Opportunity: We will modify and look for opportunities for the child to gain the experiences and we develop young people into independent functional adults to the level and independence they can achieve.

Acceptance: We understand their limitations and help give them the skills to understand themselves, society and the people in their lives. We can always improve, and improvement is not always perfection… it is moving forward in a positive direction.

Accountability: Our students do not choose their disability but as professionals we choose this profession, so it is our responsibility to work for them.

Ambition: No one is perfect, and we can all learn. Our staff are committed to developing as professionals and we work hard to gain greater skills and a higher understanding of what we our seeking to accomplish in our profession.