The Graham Academy focuses on instilling pro-social behaviors like cooperation and problem-solving in every classroom lesson. Students are encouraged to make positive behavioral choices that reflect ownership of their decisions. Graham Academy staff guide students as they process the root issues of specific behaviors on an individual basis.

Positive Behaviour Support

Tier 1 – School

Teaching pro-social behavior through “Responsibility, Valuing Self, Others, and the Environment, and Safety”. [RVS] Students receive token reinforcement through a point system when they display appropriate RVS.

Tier 2 – Classroom

Strategies address the cognitive needs of specific classrooms and the Behavioral Health department will design reinforcement schedules for the class. The token economy allows students to earn preferred activities in and out of the classroom as well as participation in free time and purchasing items in the School Store.

Tier 3 – Individual

The use of Functional Behavior Assessments, Individualized Positive Behavior Support Plans and Behavior Health Services, Applied Behavior Analysis, and 1:1 supports are used to address more intense behaviors of concern and teach more appropriate behaviors that allow success in school, home, and the community.

Students are rewarded for their positive behavior and successful management of their RVS. Each week, students have the potential to earn “Behavior Bucks” in which they can redeem at the Graham Store for items. This token economy helps reinforce positive behavior while also providing a learning opportunity about money management.