Download the Graham Academy PTO Form

The Graham Academy strives to provide as much support and as many resources as possible to parents, families, and the autism community. You can use this as a guide to discover upcoming events, workshops, and support group meetings. Know of an event we missed? Send us the details.

As part of our ongoing support for the autism community, we are happy to partner with S.A.F.E and LIV with Autism Foundation to provide a place for their support group meetings for parents and families of special needs children. For more information, please call 570-822-7259 or visit

Aspergers Support Group
This group is for local adults with Aspergers Syndrome for a chance to share, listen, and reach out to someone who understands their day to day struggles. For more information, please contact Lindsay Rysz at

You can also find additional resources by following the links below: