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There are several causes that have an identified month attached to them in hopes of raising awareness. April has been identified as the month to raise awareness for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated on April 2nd every year. The families and staff at The Graham Academy practice autism awareness every day of the year. The mission of The Graham Academy is to educate students living with autism and students living with emotional challenges to excel in life through communication, exploration, opportunity, acceptance, accountability, and ambition. Each of the areas explored in that mission are vital in helping students with autism lead independent lives.

Autism does not only affect the person living with Autism. Every individual is affected by ASD in one way or another, be it professional or personal. We are all part of one large community. ASD is a neurological and developmental disorder, not a physical one, therefore it tends to not be as obvious as other disorders or disabilities. ASD is not simply diagnosed by a blood test or an x-ray, a diagnosis requires hours of evaluations and significant observation. Only then can a person be diagnosed with Autism by a developmental pediatrician or other qualified professional.

Fifteen years ago, there was very little know about Autism. It took parents and professionals coming together to figure out how they could provide the best life for their children and patients. In doing so, they also helped the families and our greater communities, who are continuously intertwined with individuals with ASD, become more aware of autism and how one person with autism is just that, one person with autism.

Autism affects how a person communicates, acts, and interacts with others. All individuals with Autism can fall anywhere on the autism spectrum. A diagnosis can range from very severe to high-functioning and anywhere in between. The Graham Academy opened its doors in 2008 so that families of children with an ASD would have the opportunity to attend a school that understands the impact that Autism has on the students and their families. With their company mission, strong values, continuous training, and positive ambition, the school has been able to provide an exemplary educational experience to hundreds of children living with autism in NEPA.

There are several activities throughout the month of April that promote Autism Awareness. The Graham supports many local Autism Awareness efforts. Follow us on social media and see our next article which will highlight our community and school participation.

The Graham Academy is a proud Title sponsor of the 12th Annual Autism Awareness
NEPA Fair! For more information on The Graham Academy, you can visit our booth
at the event on April 27th, visit our website at or follow us on Facebook (thegrahamacademynepa), Instagram, and Twitter.