The Graham Academy values the importance of teaching responsibility, values and safety throughout the academic day. To enhance this teaching experience, The Graham Academy recently invited The Kingston-Forty Fort Fire Department to participate in Safety Day as a part of their Fire Safety Program. The fire department met with staff and students and reviewed school fire drills and Exit Drills in the Home” (EDITH). The fire department crew also spoke about how fire alarms are activated and the importance of knowing where designated meeting places are, both at home and at school. Chief Guido reported, “it was a great experience and the kids were fantastic”. Chief Guido also expressed how impressed he was with our own Ryan Wasko.

Graham Academy Fire Safety

Ryan Wasko is a senior at The Graham Academy and volunteers every Friday afternoon at the Kingston Fire Department. Ryan aspires to be a paramedic one day and volunteering at the fire department is a perfect fit for him. His job duties include taking inventory of ambulance supplies, folding towels, washing windows and, most recently, signing for and accepting deliveries for the fire department. Chief Guido said, “Having Ryan at our station has been great for him and our men. He has become part of the family.” When Ryan was asked about his experience at the fire department he reported, “… I volunteer as an honorary fire fighter at the Kingston Fire Department. I like it because I can teach little and high school children fire safety. I also like giving to my community. It makes me feel very happy.”

The gift of community service keeps giving between The Graham Academy and the Kingston Fire Department. The act of teaching responsibility, values and safety has proven to go well beyond the walls of the classroom for the Graham Academy. We are very grateful to the Kingston Fire Department for working closely with our students both in and out of school.

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